Sales Analytics

Are you utilizing a 100% of sales data?

There are tons of hidden insights from the sales data. Don’t waste your time on wrestling with raw files.

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Business insights

The most advanced business analytics you can imagine

Our analytics give you multi-dimension views on your sales data. You can gain in-depth understanding of your e-commerce operations

Location Analytics

Analyze your sales by locations. Total sales, top products, category analytics help you understand the customers

Time of Purchase

Allocate and manage your marketing budgets efficiently according to when the customers are most interested in your products

Repurchase Rate

Key is to make people revisit your store and purchase again. Repurchase rate is the key KPI for monitoring the customers satisfaction and loyalty

More in Development

Our team of data scientists look at the data in every way to provide more in-depth analytics to help you grow your business
Global Expansion

Multiple marketplaces at one place

We know you want to go global. Everywhere you go, we’ll run by your side.

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