Using spreadsheets to keep track of inventory?

Inventory management is time sensitive, but shouldn’t be time-consuming. Automize the flow of inventory management and save your time.

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Inventory Monitoring

Monitor the entire flow of inventory

Track every inventory flow from factory, logistics, and to global warehouses. You need exact numbers to prepare next batch of inventory.

From the beginning, monitor the number of products in factory ready to be shipped out.
Identify possible bottlenecks in the entire inventory process.
Keep track of cargo schedules, receiving durations and many more. Not only inventory but time is also your precious asset.
New order is always good. Keep track of the delivery and predict next restock dates and amounts
Data Integration

Integrated inventory data

Keep track of every inventory from multiple marketplaces
Save time on managing logistics
Monitor the flow of inventory on all points

Fine-tuned inventory forecasting

Prevent overstocking by historical sales trends
Maintain optimal inventory level at fulfillment centers
Integrate date with accounting and sales
Keep track of customer preferences and competitions
Accounting & Payments

Inventory assessment for accounting

Increase inventory turnovers
Calculate the value of your inventory from global marketplaces
Monitor international book keeping

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